Monthly Archives: March 2015

Back in stock!

You’ve been asking for ’em, you got ’em…back on the shelves at Sterling Silver Comics is the second printing of Lady Killer #1:


…and the first print of Descender #1:


Supplies are limited, so drop by soon! (Okay, I can probably get more Lady Killer, but it was something of a miracle that Descender was still available!)

“….Does whatever an iron can!”

Just priced up and placed into the general population here at Sterling Silver Comics…a pile of 1980s (and a few 1990s!) Iron Man issues! Early Jim Rhodes-as-Iron Man appearances! Stane International! The Chessmen! The Hulk! And, most importantly, the first appearance of Vibro! Lots of good reading in these classic comics!

Buy Crom!

Now available for sale at Sterling Silver Comics: a whole lotta issues of the Savage Sword of Conan magazine, running from the 1970s into the 1990s!


Included in the collection is the very first issue of Savage Sword, plus a British edition of #2!

Drop on by and see what manner of sorcery is happening over at Sterling Silver Comics!