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Coins of the realm!

If you’ve read a lot of 1970s Marvel comics, you’ve probably seen this ad:

But have you seen the coins themselves?


We currently have these up in the Sterling Silver Comics eBay store, along with the slightly more scarce silver Hulk coin:

Neat and rare items from the Bronze Age of comics! Ask us nicely and maybe we’ll show ’em to you!


Just arrived at Sterling Silver Comics…a small selection of classic underground comics from the 1970s, including work by Robert Crumb, Gilbert Shelton, Larry Welz, Spain Rodriquez, Bill Griffith, and several others! Of note is Tales of Toad #2, featuring the first official appearance of Griffith’s immortal Zippy the Pinhead! Truck on by and check ’em out…there’s more than just what’s pictured here!

Some new back issue arrivals at Sterling Silver Comics!

Here’s a small selection from the several large collections purchased recently here at Sterling Silver Comics! The first appearance of Jason Todd as Robin! The first issues of Warlock and Captain Marvel! The classic Superman/Lex Luthor battle beneath the red sun! Super-spy Nick Fury in Strange Tales and battle-ready WWII Nick Fury in Sgt. Fury and the Howling Commandos! The first appearance of Deathlok! And lots, lots more…some by and see what old comics are new at the shop!