Monthly Archives: September 2015

Today is Batman Day!


Come by for the free comic (while supplies last – get here early!) and for the special deals on Batman comics, graphic novels and other goodies on the special Sterling Silver Bat-Table!

New selection of old comics!

Just acquired a few dozen Silver Age and Bronze Age DC Comics, including Superman, Batman, Detective, Adventure, Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsen, and more! The first Silver Age appearance of the Scarecrow! Superman #156 from 1962, featuring the legendary classic story “The Last Days of Superman!” And lots more, in generally affordable shape! Drop on by and check out the new arrivals!

Saturday, September 26th is Batman Day!


“Just who is this…Bats Man?” you may be asking yourself? Well, find out all about this mysterious fellow on Batman Day at Sterling Silver Comics this coming Saturday, where we’ll be giving away this special comic while supplies last:

…as well as offering Big Bat-Deals on Batman comics and graphic novels and other goodies all day long! Don’t be a joker…come celebrate Batman Day at Sterling Silver Comics!

Famous Monsters of Filmland!


Just purchased: a large collection of the legendary Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine…a couple hundred issues ranging from the 1960s to the 1980s! Lots of classic monsters, sci-fi favorites, almost too much Star Wars, and more! I got them in literally minutes ago, so I’ll be processing them as quickly as I can manage! Of course, if you come by before I’m done processing them, I might make you some special deals…!