Monthly Archives: October 2015

The Big Miscellaneous Sale!


So I was just rearranging the back issue shelves at the shop and decided that I’d put a few boxes out on the sale table. Thus, for a limited time, I have miscellaneous Marvel and DC comics at 25% off their marked prices! Come on in to Sterling Silver Comics and take advantage of some great savings on some neat old comics!

Mike’s Special Table of Sales Mystery!

This Saturday and Sunday I’m going to have a special discount table set up in the store to help me clear out some items that have been sitting around the shop for a while. Need to make space for the new stock for this coming Christmas! (Yes, I have to start thinking about Christmas already…such is the life of a store owner!)

So, feel free to drop by and check out Mike’s Special Table of Sales Mystery, as I’ll be adding stuff to it all weekend! Great deals and cool items for cheap!