Who We Are and What We Do

My name is Mike Sterling, and I have been in the comics retail business for nearly thirty years, getting in just before the first Tim Burton Batman movie, surviving the “Death of Superman” craze, riding out the industry’s boom and bust of the 1990s, enduring pogs, moving Walking Dead monthlies and trade paperbacks faster than I could get them in stock, and otherwise just enjoying the day-to-day adventures of selling comic books to enthusiastic fans.

I spent those years working for and managing Ralph’s Comic Corner (later Seth’s Games and Anime) in Ventura, CA, and, after all this time, have finally decided to move on and do my own thing at my own store here in Camarillo, CA. At Sterling Silver Comics, I intend to provide a wide selection of new and old comic books, comics-related merchandise, toys, t-shirts and other goodies in a clean, organized and family-friendly environment. My many years of experience in this business are at your service, ready to answer your questions and find for you those special items you’re looking for. If it’s in print, I’ll special order it for you; if it’s out of print, I’ll try to find it.

I also offer a comic subscription service, no deposit required, and a 20% discount on any comics pulled for you. Military and educational discounts are offered as well. And if you’re in the library services, I’ll be happy to supply books to you…as a former librarian myself, I know how important libraries are, and am always pleased to support them.

For those of you not in the area, I do offer mail order, whether it’s for that one item you’ve been looking for forever, or for regular shipments of your new comic books. I have many years of mail order experience, so shipping out to you is practically effortless for me. Even better, I’m right next door to the local post office, so shipments will be pretty darn near immediate! Contact me for details!

And of course, don’t forget my eBay listings…new items added all the time!

I look forward to serving all of you from my new place of business, and I hope Sterling Silver Comics will be able to satisfy all of your comic book needs for a long time to come.