Back issues!

Back issues! We’ve got lots of ’em here at Sterling Silver Comics, and our stock is ever-changing! If you’re too far away to drop by and take a look yourself, feel free to email me (or contact me on Facebook or Instagram or X/Twitter) with your want lists! If we don’t have it now, I can put you on a waiting list and contact you when the book eventually shows up!

If you’re looking to sell your comics, you can contact me first and arrange a time. If you drop in with your books unannounced, chances are I’ll be able to make time to take a look, but I can’t always, so it’s usually best to check ahead of time.

I have a storeroom filled to the ceiling with boxes upon boxes of back issues that I’m trying to get priced and put out as fast as I can. If there are certain books you’re looking for, feel free to ask and I’ll see if I can’t make those a processing priority.

Thank you for your business!