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New comics for April 28th, 2020!

No, honest, we’re getting new comics here at Sterling Silver Comics! We’re still closed to the public by government order, but I can still ship out to anyone who wants their goodies!

DC Comics makes good on their plan to distribute their own comics through alternative distribution, and the first batch have come for sale this week. It’s not a lot, but we’ll have more next week.






Sorry, it’s just a list, not a fancy display of covers, but hopefully that’ll do! And yes, you’re reading the date above correctly…I will be able to sell these starting on Tuesday!

And as just a reminder, I’m still offering these 30 random comics for $20 packs, I’m always adding to this list of back issues I’m selling (which is still only a fraction of what I have available), and I am always taking want lists!

Hope you’re all staying safe and healthy out there, and please always feel free to email or call me if you have any questions or need any comics! Thanks, and hopefully someday we’ll see you at the shop!

Old comic listings (slowly) cming!

So in an offert to get comic old comics into your hands, I am beginning the long, long process of trying to get my stock online! Just started, got a few listed here on this google sheet, so if you need anything you see on there, just call or drop me a line! Click on the following link to see the liast…more comics coming to the list as time permits!

The Bundle o’ Cheap Comics deal!

BUNDLE O’ CHEAP COMICS! Get 30 new, unread random comics for only $20…that includes shipping! PayPal to mike at sterlingsilvercomics dot com and I’ll ship right away!

(Free shipping for U.S. addresses only. Assortment shown is only an example…your comics may differ. Please indicate if you wish to receive mature reader titles in your mix.)

New comics for March 18th, 2020!

Comics are still coming to the shop this Wednesday…and if you need me to ship them to you, just get in touch and we’ll work something out! Here’s what will be coming in:

And if you need anything special ordered for you, just let me know. Thanks, and either see you at the shop or hear from you otherwise! Be safe out there!

Sterling Silver Comics is a Bad Idea Destination Store!

Yes, yes, I know, you’ve always thought I’m full of bad ideas, but this time I’m going to be full of Bad Idea Comics! Bad Idea is a new publisher that is distributing directly to comic shops rather than through the traditional distribution methods, and only a certain number of retailers nationwide will initially be able to carry their comics! And, as you may have guessed since I’m writing about here, I’m one of them! Their first comics, Enicac by Matt Kindt and Doug Braithwaite will be shipping out May 6th, and Sterling Silver Comics will be your local location to get your mitts on it!

You can find more information at the Bad Idea website…and if you’re intrigued, just print out this handy form and press it into my hand when next at the shop…or you can just call or email me, too, that’d work!

New comics for March 11th, 2020!

New comics are coming to Sterling Silver Comics this Wednesday, and you can see what’s coming in just below!

And if you need to special order anything not found on our shelves, please feel free to ask! Thanks, and see you at the shop!

New comics for March 4th, 2020!

Along with a new month comes a bunch of new comics, heading their way to Sterling Silver Comics this Wednesday! Get a peek at what’s coming in:

And if you need to place a special order for that certain something, just let us know and we’ll do our best to get it for you! Thanks, and see you at the shop!

New comics for February 26th, 2020!

Coming to Sterling Silver Comics this Wednesday…a whole lotta comics! Check out what’s coming in just below:

And as always, feel free to place any special orders for anything we don’t have in stock at the moment! Thanks, and see you at the shop!

New comics for February 19th, 2020!

Get yourself ready for a whole bunch of great new comics coming to the shelves of Sterling Silver Comics this Wednesday!

And as always, we love special orders, so if there’s anything you need we don’t have on the shelves, just let us know and we’ll get it for you! Thanks, and see you at the shop!

New comics for February 12th, 2020!

The month of February may be short on days, but it’s long in comics, with a whole new batch of them coming to Sterling Silver Comics this Wednesday!

And as always, place those special orders for comics and toys and graphic novels and whathaveyou, if you don’t happen to find on our shelves! Thanks, and see you at the shop!