Notice for Monday, December 10th.

As some of you folks may already know, I have been having some vision trouble with my right eye for which I have been undergoing treatment over the past few months. This Monday, December 10th, I will be going in for surgery to hopefully correct this issue once and for all. As a result, I won’t be in the shop that Monday, but I will still be open that day as I’ll have someone filling in for me.

The store will be open the rest of the week as normal, and new comics will be out for sale Wednesday as usual. I may be a little slow responding to email and Facebook messages as I try to catch up from missing a day, but I’ll get back to you, honest! I’m doing my best to make sure my medical shenanigans don’t interfere with your shopping experience!

Thank you for understanding, and hope to see you (with *two* working eyes!) at the shop!