Returns on Border Town.

Due to recent events involving the writer of the series, the DC/Vertigo series Border Town has been cancelled, and DC Comics is taking returns from retailers on all prevously published issues (#1 through #4, plus the second printing of the first issue).

If you bought this comic from me, and no longer wish to have it in your possession, feel free to bring it back and I will give you full store credit. I am going on the honor system here…I am asking you to return your copies to me only if you bought them from me. I can only return as many copies to DC as I’ve ordered. (Like, if you walk in with 10 copies of #2 to return, I’m going to know you didn’t get those from me!) If you bought them from another store, please contact them and ask what their policy on this comic is/will be.

Please make your returns by the first week of the new year. Thank you!