Sterling Silver Comics is a Bad Idea Destination Store!

Yes, yes, I know, you’ve always thought I’m full of bad ideas, but this time I’m going to be full of Bad Idea Comics! Bad Idea is a new publisher that is distributing directly to comic shops rather than through the traditional distribution methods, and only a certain number of retailers nationwide will initially be able to carry their comics! And, as you may have guessed since I’m writing about here, I’m one of them! Their first comics, Enicac by Matt Kindt and Doug Braithwaite will be shipping out May 6th, and Sterling Silver Comics will be your local location to get your mitts on it!

You can find more information at the Bad Idea website…and if you’re intrigued, just print out this handy form and press it into my hand when next at the shop…or you can just call or email me, too, that’d work!