New comics for December 19th/20th, 2023!

Christmas is almost here, so before I get into the new comics coming in this week, let me remind you of the store’s schedule. We will be open regular hours except Sunday the 24th, when we will be closing around 4 PM. We will be closed Saturday the 25th for Christmas Day. On Sunday the 31st, we will be open regular hours, but closed for New Year’s Day on Monday. Got that all memorized? Good! Now explain it to me because I’m not sure I’ve got it!

Okay, new comics this week: we’re getting another new Bad Idea release, The Destroyer, here at your local exclusive Bad Idea Comic Shop, Sterling Silver Comics, which sounds funny when I write it out like that but you know what I mean:

And for other goodies coming in, just take a peek below!

And if there’s anything else you’re looking for…well, it’s too take to get anything special ordered for CHristmas, but you can always order something to spend your Christmas money on! Just ask! Thanks and see you at the shop!