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Holiday Hours!


Hi pals! Here are the Sterling Silver Comics store hours for this holiday season:

TUESDAY, DECEMBER 24th: open our regular hours of 12 – 6, but possibly later if demand warrants it!

WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 2tth: it’s Christmas! We’ll be closed for the day, at home opening presents and almost certainly eating too much.

THURSDAY, DECEMBER 26th: open our regular houses of 11 – 7, and yes, we’ll have new comics! It’ll be a smaller shipment, but there may be other special deals going on that day to make it worth your while to drop by.

TUESDAY, DECEMBER 32st: open at noon as usual, but may close early depending on how busy it’s not. We’ll be around at least ’til 4 PM.

WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 1st: It’s New Year’s Day! We’ll be open our regular hours from 11 AM – 7 PM, with the new shipment of comics and goodies available for sale!

We’ll be open our regular hours on all the other days around these special events. If you have any questions, you can always call, email, Facebook, Instagram, or whatever at me. Thanks for reading, and have a good holiday!

Special Fourth of July hours!

Sterling Silver Comics will be open from 11 AM ’til 3 PM this coming Thursday! We might open later if demand requires it, but I’m there at least through 3, guaranteed! Thanks, see you at the shop, and have a good holiday!

Big thanks for a big Free Comic Book Day!

A huge thanks to everyone who turned out for Free Comic Book Day at Sterling Silver Comics this Saturday! We had an enormous turnout, and gave away more comic to more people than ever before! My greatest appreciation to all of you who helped make this such a great success, and let’s do it again next year! …And don’t forget, Sterling Silver Comics always has a swell selection of comics all year ’round!

Closed for Easter Sunday!

Sterling Silver Comics will be closed for the Easter holiday, but will be back open Monday at noon for all your comic booking needs! Have a good holiday, where applicable, and we’ll see you all afterwards!

Hellboy Day at Sterling Silver Comics on Saturday, March 23rd!

get ready for Hellboy Day 2019, celebrating the 25th anniversary of the monter-fightin’, Nazi-hatin’, paranormal activity investigatin’ fella created by Mike Mignola!

We will be giving away a special Hellboy Day edition of Seed of Destruction #1 (Hellboy’s first comic book!), buttons, window decals, bookmarks, and a poster featuring a timeline of the Hellboy Universe (including the adventures of Abe Sapien, the B.P.R.D., Lobster Johnson, and more! All while supplies last, so get yourself into the store early!

We will also be featuring special deals on other Hellboy itmes, so be sure to check out the shop the day! See you then!

Holiday Hours for Sterling Silver Comics!

Hello, friends! Here are the hours for this holiday season at Sterling Silver Comics:

Monday, December 24th: open regular hours, 12 noon ’til 6 PM, with the possibility of being open later if there’s an influx of last-second shoppers!

Tuesday, December 25th: closed for Christmas!

Wednesday, December 26th: open regular hours, and yes, we will have new comics! Not a huge shipment, but new product will be available!

Thursday, December 27th through Sunday, December 30th: open regular hours

Monday, December 31st: open 12 noon until at least 4 PM…maybe later if business warrants!

Tuesday, January 1st: closed for New Year’s Day!

Wednesday, January 2nd: open regular hours, with a full shipment of brand new comics on the shelves!

If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call. Thanks for being our customers for the past year, and hope to see you through 2019!

Returns on Border Town.

Due to recent events involving the writer of the series, the DC/Vertigo series Border Town has been cancelled, and DC Comics is taking returns from retailers on all prevously published issues (#1 through #4, plus the second printing of the first issue).

If you bought this comic from me, and no longer wish to have it in your possession, feel free to bring it back and I will give you full store credit. I am going on the honor system here…I am asking you to return your copies to me only if you bought them from me. I can only return as many copies to DC as I’ve ordered. (Like, if you walk in with 10 copies of #2 to return, I’m going to know you didn’t get those from me!) If you bought them from another store, please contact them and ask what their policy on this comic is/will be.

Please make your returns by the first week of the new year. Thank you!