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Closed for walk-in business, but will still do phone/mail order!

I was hoping it wouldn’t come to this, but here we are. Due to the statewide stay-at-home order, all non-essential businesses are required to close. And as much as I’d like to think I *am* an essential business, that unfortunately applies to me as well.

However, I am still here, and with any luck, depending on my access to funding and cooperation from my distributor, I will continue to receive the new comic shipments. The trick, however, is getting those new comics to you.

It looks like I will have to go exclusively phone/mail order for the time being. I don’t think curbside pickup is *technically* allowed, but if that’s your best option, I’ll do it ’til someone tells me not to.

I am planning to stay at the store mostly regular business hours, so you can call me there at 805-484-4708…please leave a message if I don’t pick up, and I promise I’ll get back to you.

My personal cell phone number is 805-415-7808, and don’t hesitate to call me there if you need to.

You can always message me on Facebook, or via email at, or on Instagram at @sterlingsilvercomics, or on Twitter at @SterSilvComics.

I’ll be going through my pull list customers and calling them individually…if you already saw the message here, I apologize for the redundancy.

I will try to keep you updated here or at my website best I can. With any luck, I’ll still have a store for everyone to come back to after all this finally blows over. It’s going to be tight, but I’m reasonably sure I can make it.

Thank you for understanding.


Yes, we’re open!


Sterling Silver Comics is open and we have new product for sale. I’m willing to ship to you if you don’t want to go out, or I can take comics out to the curb for you if you want to drive over! Contact me and I’ll work things out with you! Everyone stay safe out there!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all my customers at Sterling Silver Comics…and even to people who aren’t customers yet! (We’ll get you in here eventually!) Thanks for all the support over the last few years, and here’s to a great 2020 for all of us!

And don’t forget…we are open today, regular hours 11 – 7, with the week’s new comics for sale! So drop on by if you can!

Happy Holidays from Sterling Silver Comics!

Have a happy holiday celebration, however you celebrate it! The store will be closed for Christmas Day, but we’ll be open again on Thursday the 26th with a new batch of comics!

Also, on the 26th we will have a BIG SALE on back issues and graphic novels…25% off everything (except the consignment items, of course)! I plan on continuing the sale through the weekend so drop on in if you can!

And in case you missed the news…we will be open on Wednesday, January 1st, with that week’s new releases!

Thanks, and we’ll see you at the shop!

Holiday Hours!


Hi pals! Here are the Sterling Silver Comics store hours for this holiday season:

TUESDAY, DECEMBER 24th: open our regular hours of 12 – 6, but possibly later if demand warrants it!

WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 2tth: it’s Christmas! We’ll be closed for the day, at home opening presents and almost certainly eating too much.

THURSDAY, DECEMBER 26th: open our regular houses of 11 – 7, and yes, we’ll have new comics! It’ll be a smaller shipment, but there may be other special deals going on that day to make it worth your while to drop by.

TUESDAY, DECEMBER 32st: open at noon as usual, but may close early depending on how busy it’s not. We’ll be around at least ’til 4 PM.

WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 1st: It’s New Year’s Day! We’ll be open our regular hours from 11 AM – 7 PM, with the new shipment of comics and goodies available for sale!

We’ll be open our regular hours on all the other days around these special events. If you have any questions, you can always call, email, Facebook, Instagram, or whatever at me. Thanks for reading, and have a good holiday!

Special Fourth of July hours!

Sterling Silver Comics will be open from 11 AM ’til 3 PM this coming Thursday! We might open later if demand requires it, but I’m there at least through 3, guaranteed! Thanks, see you at the shop, and have a good holiday!

Big thanks for a big Free Comic Book Day!

A huge thanks to everyone who turned out for Free Comic Book Day at Sterling Silver Comics this Saturday! We had an enormous turnout, and gave away more comic to more people than ever before! My greatest appreciation to all of you who helped make this such a great success, and let’s do it again next year! …And don’t forget, Sterling Silver Comics always has a swell selection of comics all year ’round!