Just arrived: TOO MANY COMICS!

I’ve acquired literally thousands of comics from multiple collections over the last couple of weeks, and we here at Sterling Silver Comics are hard at work getting them ready for you to buy!

Some random samples from the boxes: a full run of Joker: Last Laugh:


Bob Layton’s Hercules mini-series:


A few issues of the increasingly hard-to-find Tank Girl comics:


A whole bunch of early 2000s Batman books, including this run of Detective:


Iron Man and Barbie, together again:


Some classic ’60s Flash comics:


Several 1970s Spider-Woman:


And the world’s worst copies of Tales of Suspense:

…plus literally thousands more comics! Daredevil! Wolverine! Green Lantern! Hellboy! Simpsons! X-Men! And far more than I can list here…well, I could list them, but that’ll take a lot of time, and I need to start getting them priced! Come by the shop and I’ll let you poke through the boxes…if you find anything you need, I’ll process those books for you on the spot!