Where you can find Sterling Silver Comics!

Well, you can always find us at our street address of 2210 Pickwick Drive in Camarillo, CA! And you can reach us at 805-484-4708. We’re here seven days a week: Wednesday through Saturday from 11 AM to 7 PM, and Sunday, Monday and Tuesday from 12 noon ’til 6 PM. We close for the major holidays (Christmas, New Year’s Day, Thanksgiving, and Easter) and usually close part-day for, like, the Fourth of July depending on what day of the week it falls. I’ll let you know here on this site.

You can follow the store on Facebook at facebook.com/sterlingsilvercomics. Be sure to like us there if you haven’t already!

We are on Twitter @stersilvcomics.

The Instagram account is up and running again at sterlingsilvercomics…lots of pics of piles of comics and the Thing from the Fantastic Four!

And we have an eBay store with a bunch of goodies available for sale!

I will be revamping this website soon to make links to all these places a little more obvious, as well as making the the site more mobile friendly.

Some other store notes:

I am always looking to buy comics, and will happily look at them any day of the week except Tuesday…I’m usually too busy that day processing the new weekly order. However, if that’s the only day you can make it in, you can drop the books off and I’ll go through them as soon as I’m able!

We do offer a military discount…just show your military ID at the register when you are ready to check out.

And like I say every week when I post the list of the week’s new comics…special orders are no problem! If it’s available and you want it, I’ll get it for you! …By which I mean comic books or graphic novels or toys and related items, not like sports cars or Fabergé eggs. Sorry!

If you have any questions or concerns, you can reach me at 805-484-4708, or contact me on Facebook, or email me at mike (at) sterlingsilvercomics.com. Thanks, and hope to see you at the shop!