Just a quick update for what’s going on at Sterling Silver Comics.

In case you hadn’t heard the news, there have been a couple of industry announcements in regards to new comic shipments finally resuming.

First, the main comics distributor for the U.S., Diamond Comics, has announced its intention to start shipping out new comics again in mid-to-late May. I don’t think everything’s exactly nailed down just yet, but that seems to be the timeframe for new material to start showing up again.

Second, DC Comics has decided to go with alternative distribution for their own comics a little earlier than that, with plans to have new comics in stores next week. They will also be send out new comics this way for the two weeks following that, but as to their plans after that, whether they’ll continue taking and shipping orders this way or return to Diamond’s distribution, I’m not sure. I’m still sorting everything out!

But rest assured I will start receiving comics as soon as they’re available. I’ve already set up an account and placed orders through one of DC’s new distribution centers, so I will have comics for next week. I will make sure to announce what books I have, when I have them, in all the usual places.

The other thing is that I am still not sure when non-essential retail businesses like my own will be allowed to reopen for the public again. It’s possible we’ll be back to some kind of limited retail access in the near future. However, if I am still required to be closed, as I will most certainly will be when DC’s shipments resume in late April/early May, please feel free to call or email me to arrange for mail order and the like.

I plan on continuing to be at the shop during my regular business hours while I am required to be closed, so you should always be able to reach me at 805-484-4708, or via email or Facebook message or whathaveyou, if there’s anything else you need.

Also keep in mind I’m still trying to get some recent back issue arrivals listed in this Google sheet, and I’m still selling these packs of 30 random comics for $20.

Thanks for reading and for all your support through this time. Everyone stay safe and healthy out there.